Monday, May 11, 2009

Ae.on Fl.ux

Saturday was a total veg day for me. I laid on the couch watching movie after movie on TV. Not necessarily good or new movies, just whatever I could find channel surfing. I watched The Decent (good!), Starship Troopers (ok), You've Got Mail (a classic favorite), and Ae.on Fl.ux (also good).
Have you ever seen Ae.on Fl.ux? It is kind of a low budget Ma.trix. Set in the future. The human race has almost been destroyed by a virus. Only a small population remains. They were lucky enough to receive the antibody against the virus and now live in a walled city utopia. But something is wrong in fairytale land. People have strange memories. And they keep mysteriously disappearing. The main character is a bondage wearing lady named Ae.on Fl.ux. She is a Mon.ican. Her group rebels against the council that governs the walled city utopia. The council is made up of scientist and led by her foe (sometime lover) Trevor Goodchild.

If you haven't seen it, you should stop reading now because I am about to spoil the rest of the story for you. . .

It turns out that antidote everyone was given to keep them safe from the virus has made them all infertile. Most of the scientist are working on a cure. In the meantime they just keep cloning everyone so that the human race will continue. Trevor has found the cure. A couple more twist & turns and a battle scene or two later we discover that he didn't really need to be searching for a cure so hard, nature is healing itself and people are becoming pregnant on their own.

I love Hollywood they make everything so neat and perfect. After 400 years or so of infertility the human races' desire to procreate is so strong that the body heals itself. According to Hollywood's calendar, I have a little more than 398 years to go with my burning desire to have a baby before my body will heal my blocked fallopian tubes on it's own. Personally I am glad I have a Trevor Goodchild (in my case Dr. Cupcake) helping the process along a little quicker.

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callmemama said...

Yeah, love the pat endings that Hollywood cooks up. Just like Baby Mama - right as redneck surrogate woman decides to keep her baby, F.ey magically becomes pregnant. Ugh.