Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More family

My BIL came for a visit yesterday. He came a long way for a very specific purpose. He stayed just for the day, in at noon and out on the 8:00 pm flight. I used to be not such a great fan of BIL and his playboy ways. But he as grown up a lot in the 12 years or so that hubby and I have been together. So I am going to cut him some slack and tell you that he is turning into a person I don't mind being around. Which makes things easier for everyone because hubby and BIL are pretty good friends besides being just brothers. (Hubby and BIL are in the same line of work. The way BIL used to act at work always made me worry about Hubby's behavior when he was out of my sight--which is A LOT. Their work is very unusual and a type of "secret language" between them. Yes, I get jealous when they talk business and exclude me so much. )

At Christmas BIL was working but sent me a Victoria Secret gift certificate. He knew that we were trying to get pregnant and thought he would (jokingly) contribute to the cause. My MIL later informed him about our "ain't never going to happen" situation and he was embarrassed and worried that he had hurt my feelings. He didn't but his concern that he might have won him a soft place in my heart. Maybe I will use the gift certificate to purchase something special for transfer day. Oh la la la.


The Patterson's said...

Wow! That's pretty considerate of a BIL. Hope your cycle is the first and only IVF. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

That was very nice of your BIL and funny too:) Thanks for the comment.. I hope that it works the 1st time for Both of us!!!


My Endo Journey said...

hey there! Good luck with the upcoming IVF cycle!!! :)

And, heck yeah, we all need to feel sexy during IVF. Treat yourself!

heyLyss09 said...

DH got me a VS gift card for my birthday this year and he was a little bummed that I spent it all on loungewear from the PINK section. Hey, I'd rather be comfy! =)

Astrid said...

Yay, new pretty unmentionables. Great gift. And great idea for how to use it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your upcoming IVF!