Friday, July 17, 2009

Girl talk and TMI

Yesterday I lured my very early pregnant BFF over to my house with promises of chocolate milk and a trip to the mall. Yes, yes there was chocolate milk in my fridge that we did drink and eventually we did end up at the mall but my real reason for asking her over was to ask her this "Not now at almost six weeks pregnant but before you told me you were pregnant at four weeks, did you have any symptoms or signs?"

I asked her because I could trust her to tell me the truth. And I knew that the pregnancy was so recent that she would remember. I also knew that she was aware and looking for a pregnancy so I was sure she would have noticed changes, if there were any. I, personally, am experiencing lots of something. But I don't know if it is all in my head (a very good possibility), related to the yeast infection, onset of Aunt Flo, related to the progesterone, or actual pregnancy symptoms. I needed information and I knew she would be my best source.

Of course she is not a doctor, nor does she play one on tv. Of course every pregnancy is different. But she reported to me her earliest sign was strange discharge. She says it occurred about 4-6 days before she took the pregnancy test (which she took exactly 28 days after the first day of her last period) and went away after about 3 or 4 days. She described (after threats of physical harm--we are not the type of people that normally set around talking about body fluids) that the discharge was, at times, chunky and, at other times, just very very wet. She said that right after she took the pregnancy test she started experiencing the additional trips to the bathroom to pee in the middle of the night. And now at six weeks is starting to have very tender breast, bloat, and fatigue.

Of course I am comparing my notes to hers (hence why I asked). My yeast infection was never itchy, just my girl parts were bright red, tender, and the discharge chunky. The irritation may have been due to the retrieval. The called in pill from the pharmacy may be curing an actual yeast infection. Or maybe it was a symptom. . .

My breast feel tighter, fuller. Not sensitive, just bigger.

My low back hurt yesterday. Absolutely without a doubt, I couldn't ignore it. I thought it was Aunt Flo ish. Maybe it was my bed, my work chair, or my car's seat. But it hurt. Today it is only a little sore, easily ignored.

Also, I think my Internet pal Katie might be correct, I think the progesterone will keep Aunt Flo from visiting. A Google search found only one reference to a person getting their period while still on progesterone and many people stating that they didn't get their period until after they stopped taking the shots.

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