Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live to worry another day

IVF Nurse 3 just called with the results from my 4th beta (oops, sorry. Originally said 3rd beta.) which was this morning. Today, 16dp5dt, my beta is 364. Everyone is more than pleased with the rise. But everyone is still concerned with the generally low number when considering how many days post transfer. I will do another (last) beta on Friday and I am scheduled for an early ultrasound on Monday.

From the ultrasound, they will be looking for the gestational sac and where it has implanted. The concern is that is ectopic, which I don't understand. How can an embryo implant in the Fallopian tubes when the fact that the Fallopian tubes are both 100% blocked from the uterus to the ovaries is the source of my fertility problems? Another concern is that the embryo has implanted on the cervix. Implanting on the cervix is iffy. The cervix doesn't stretch like the uterus would. I think the condition that would be the concern is placenta previa. But supposedly it might be okay because the placenta can move??? (I am not speaking as an expert here, just repeating what I thought I heard.) Implanting on the cervix might also explain why I bleed and continue to (painlessly) spot. The cervix can be sensitive and bleeds easily.

I am pleased that the ultrasound is on Monday. Hubby will be home and can go with me.

I also talked the nurse into adding a progesterone level check to my blood work on Friday. After reading tons of blogs and threads on forums, I am not satisfied with their standard answer of "progesterone is lowest after transfer (mine was around 52) and only increases as the placenta grows. You don't have to worry about that." I wonder if the progesterone might explain some of the spotting.

I also shared The Beta Base with my IVF nurse. She found the site very interesting.

Awww, so hubby and I get to continue on this roller coaster ride.


Katie said...

I just let out a big breath for you. Whew. I think you may have had a rough start, but I really feel deep down, that things are going to be ok. I am glad you are getting a u/s on Monday and I am so happy your hubby can go too. Keep hanging in there!!!

just me, dawn said...

yay for a good third beta. Can't wait for Monday!

Eileen said...

So happy for the good beta. I look forward to hearing about your u/s on Monday and I'm sending super sticky vibes your way. My RE tod me that IVF pregnancies often have betas that start off lower than norm and rise slower than average at first. Good luck!!!

Huong said...

OMG we are in the same boat. I am 16dpt5dt today and my beta is 386. I'm so nervous still. We had an US and the tech said she could see the sac but of course she said its too early to see if anything is inside. The RE said the numbers are slow rising so we are due back next Thursday for another US. Hope you have great news to post soon. I'll be stressing till next Thursday. good luck.