Thursday, May 28, 2009

All holy IVF class

Yesterday morning was the much anticipated IVF class. After a meltdown in the parking garage about finding a parking space, hubby and I joined 3 other couples and one of the clinics IVF nurses in the clinic's conference room. There were snacks on the table, a fridge full of drinks (nothing alcoholic--too bad) and a goodie bag full of syringes at each person's seat. All those sharps! I knew a good time was going to be had by all. Wink, wink.

We watched the IVF nurse demonstrate how to inject Bravelle, Gonal F, and Follistim. We were given a sheet of paper and told to circle our preference. It was explained to us that all three were just as effective. Gonal F and Follistim, just alike with their snazzy convenient pens, were the Coke and Pepis of follicle stimulating hormones. Bravelle on the other hand was the RC Cola of FSH with it's typical syringes and mixing of vials. But just like RC is cheaper than Coke or Pepsi, Bravella is cheaper than Gonal F and Follistim. (The pamphlet that we received showed Gonal F and Follistim clocking in at around $66 per 75 unit and Bravella at $44 per 75 unit.) Being the savvy coupon clipper that I am, I chose Bravella.

We watched a slide show presentation of the entire IVF process. A lady from the lab came in and talked to us about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which we are not doing just in case anyone is keeping score. We were taken individually to consultation rooms to talk with our IVF nurse and financial counselor. I had already met our IVF nurse--Nurse Competency in Question--from our run in a couple of weeks ago. But we all played nice for this round. The meeting with the financial counselor was a joke. She basically said here is your bill, pay it. But she claimed that we were a small percent of the lucky ones--that our insurance was paying for some (around $2,500) and most people didn't have insurance that would even pay for that. As an extra little bonus, I also met with the Administrative Director, Ms. Smiles A Lot, and told my past tales of woe about unreturned phone calls and the murkiness of provided paperwork.

The class was pretty much as advertised. (Also as advertised was $216 price tag for the morning of fun.) I now feel like a new recruit who has just been told the secret handshake. I am apart of the club!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize they charged you to take an introductory class! That seems a little mean, since you're about to dump THOUSANDS of dollars into their clinic anyway.

just me, dawn said...

Interesting that they charge you for the class. I watched videos online and had no trouble with my injections for IUI....I realize there are more details to IVF, but come on now, like they aren't getting enough money? any way, :) hope your stay in this club is short and successful.