Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A box of raisins

Just in case anyone was wondering, you can't eat a box of raisins and change your ASAB test results. I know because I asked Nurse CIQ this morning. You know how somethings blood related you can change with diet or medicine? But somethings you can't. Just like your blood type, you are born with how much ASAB you've got.

I called BFF on the way home from work yesterday and told her what Nurse CIQ had said over the phone about my 14% positive on the ASAB test. One of her first questions was "is it something you can change by eating a box of raisins or something?" I rolled in the floor laughing. But it was a good question and got me thinking (and Googling).

I also posted the question on Taking Charge of Your Fertility's board. 20 hits later and not a single response. Which seems to be the case with most all the questions that I ask there. I really think that most of those that actively read and post over there 1) don't know that much about ART, 2) aren't as active in their care as I am, or 3) are a bunch of idiots. Whatever, take your pick. I think I am going to find somewhere else to ask my questions at. Any suggestions?

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