Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stupid, stupid clinic!!!

I am so confused and frustrated right now.

The office staff at my fertility clinic is driving me nuts. They called an left a message this afternoon wanting to talk to me about my blood work and my husband's test in the morning. I was confused. Didn't I already receive a report about the blood work and didn't we already work through my husband's scheduling problems? I called them back and left a message. They called me back and left another message. (I was working with my boss and couldn't answer the phone.) I called them back at 4:11 and finally got to talk to someone.

It seems that my Antisperm-Antibody Test (ASAB) came back at 14%. (ASAB was the test that I was warned the results would be later than the rest of the blood work.) The lady on the phone said that any results over 10% we needed to do ICSI with IVF and that my husband's SPA scheduled for 8:00 am the next morning wasn't necessary. Thinking about the cost of ICSI (around $2,000) I asked her if the clinic was going to make me use ICSI. She grunted around and said that they "strongly, strongly recommended" the ICSI with the anything over 10% positive ASAB. Mostly because of the extra cost but also because of the ethics of ICSI, I drove home super frustrated.

When I got home I re read through the paperwork that the clinic sent me when IVF was first recommended to us. The paperwork says that ICSI should be used when the ASAB test is 20% or more positive. By implying that I had to use ICSI and canceling my husband's SPA test in the morning, the lady on the phone took away my choice to talk this gray area decision over with my dr.

Hubby's work schedule is a bitch. The clinic only does the SPA's on Wednesday, as I learned previously. Not to mention hubby is already irate with the clinic over the scheduling of the test in the first place. I am soooo pissed. I think I am going to just show up in the morning at 7:45 am with hubby's sperm, make them do the test as scheduled (surely they haven't scheduled someone else in the remaining 19 mins the clinic was open after I canceled hubby's appointment), and then speak to the office manager about the incompetence of the office staff, again (I have previously spoken to the office manager on the phone when the HSG test results were not relayed timely).

I so wish that I hadn't told hubby that the test was canceled. I feel so alone doing this. Hubby was more interested/frustrated with his sailboat when I called to tell him the ASAP test results and that his appointment was canceled. He is going to bitch to me when I tell him what I have discovered since then. He is going to tell me that the people working at the clinic are a bunch of fools and he is going to ask me how we can trust them to do this IVF correctly. I seriouly don't know. I am losing faith with each encounter.

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