Monday, June 15, 2009

Another problem

I seriously am going to be shocked to death if this IVF does work. So far it has been a comedy of errors, one after another after another. This time my beef lies with Village Fertility Pharmacy. Boo hiss hiss.

On Monday of last week they promised me my meds on Friday by 9:00 pm.

On Tuesday of last week they promised me my meds on Friday by 9:00 pm.

What do you think happened on Friday by 9:00 pm? 100 Bonus points if you guessed no med delivery.

When I got home from work I spotted a FedEx box in my carport. I thought "oh goody, my meds are here!" But instead it turned out to be a package for my husband. It was 6:00 pm and I got nervous, so I called them. I knew that they still had 3 hours before the deadline but the little hairs on the back of my neck were telling me that something was wrong. Sure enough, after an impossibly long hold time, it was confirmed that there was a problem and my meds would not be there as promised (twice!) by Friday at 9:00 pm.

The lady on the phone was super nice. But nice doesn't bring meds to my doorstep. She made me mad at one point by trying to play dr and asking me for the first day of my period so she could help me figure out when I needed to take it. I refused to give her that information. I told her that I had a dr, I didn't need another one and that I needed them to deliver when they said that they were going to deliver and to leave the when I am supposed to take the meds up to me and my dr. At one point she hung up on me, but I sincerely believe that was just human error or else I would be making more of a fuss about that.

They did manage to get me the Lupron on Saturday by noon. . .as in 11:59 am my dog starts barking to let me know that UPS is at my doorstep. But I am pretty sure that will be the last thing they will be delivering to my house. Time to start researching a new pharmacy. Any suggestions?

I called IVF nurse CIQ and left her a voice mail message about the meds situation. I also called the Administrative Director, Ms. Smiles A Lot, and spoke with her not only about the situation with the pharmacy but also that dumb ass bitch (I guess I should come up with a better name for her) couldn't get the right amounts when she called and asked me to pay my bill last Thursday. Ms. Smiles A Lot was very nice, even remembered me from when we spoke after my IVF class. She promised to talk to IVF nurse CIQ and dumb ass bitch and get back to me this morning. And she did. Excuses, excuses from dumb ass bitch but at least she got called on the carpet for her inaccuracies. Ms Smiles A Lot talked to IVF nurse CIQ and she said that that had never happened with Village Fertility Pharmacy, but that IVF nurse CIQ was going to call them and find out what the problem was and she was going to call me back after she talked to them.

I told my BFF my stories of woe on Sunday over lunch and how I seriously couldn't trust anyone to do their job correctly, the first time. She told me not to worry, that the smart people weren't the ones scheduling appointments, taking the money, and mailing the meds. The smart people were behind the scenes. I hope and pray that she is correct and that it not just another idiot behind the curtain pulling on the ropes.

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callmemama said...

Wow, what a mess! Hopefully you'll get all the stupid stuff out of the way before the important work begins :).
Hopefully everything is smooth-sailing for you from here!