Monday, July 20, 2009

Just the facts, ma'am

I thought that this would get easier. I thought I would pee on a stick. If I got a positive, it would be clear and then I would go happily on my way. Of course that is not is how it is going to work.

The facts are:
  • I've peed on 4 sticks so far. 3 have had very very faint positives. 1 stick (the second test) barely even had a shadow. (I have scoured HPT photo galleries comparing mine to others.)
  • This morning I started having some very stringy brown spotting.
  • Once this evening there was a little bit of pink/red on the toilet paper.
  • My back hurts (a typical AF symptom for me). Actually my back hurts A LOT.
  • NOW is the time for me to start my period.

The strength and regularity of my periods seems stronger than those 3 faint lines.


Renee said...

Coming out of the lurk to ease your mind a bit. What you should google is implantation spotting. That sounds exactly like what you are having. Especially if it is brown or pink. That means the embryo imbedded into the wall of your uterus a couple days ago! The cramping and backache is very normal as your uterus is making changes to accomodate your little one. I'd say congratulations!!

Katie said...

Ok- it is still entirely possible. Did you test this am? Back pain is a symptom of PG too. Some bleeding is more common in IVF pregnancies. Like PP said, you could have implanted later. It takes until day 5-10 to implant. I know it is SO hard, but don't give up yet. When is your beta? I know this is no consolation prize- but you DO have your frosties, if the worst senario happens. But I don't think it will! Hang in there!

Eileen said...

I'll keep everything crossed for you that it is just implantation bleeding!