Monday, July 20, 2009

The cell phone commerical

Have you seen that cell phone commercial where the wife is at home talking on the cell to the husband who is some where else walking through a hotel lobby with luggage in hand? The wife tells the hubby that she is pregnant and then there is dead silence on the other end of the line. She assumes that he isn't happy about the pregnancy. Meanwhile he is dancing and shouting in the middle of the hotel lobby. But she doesn't know that because the cell phone connection was lost.

I was afraid that that or something similar to that would happen to me and my hubby this week after I learned the out come of the beta. I didn't want to tell him it worked, and we are pregnant, or it didn't work with an airport intercom shouting in the background. So when he mentioned testing early on Sunday evening, I agreed and jumped on the chance.

The home pregnancy test was so faint, I could barley believe it (no telling how it will show up in the photo.) But right there in the window there was a little blue plus sign that both my husband and myself could see. 6dp5dt and the pregnancy test is positive.

Relief, first. Excitement for the rest of the evening.

This morning before I left for work, I tested again. The blue plus was even fainter (is that possible?). But a trip to pharmacy instead of a coffee break at work revealed 2 pink lines that even my BFF could see when I sent her the photo via text message. (The pink link seems much darker in real life than in the photo. I keep checking. Yep, both lines are still there.)

Dare I say it? It is soooooo early. It is not official. What if it is not true? But I think I might be pregnant.


Katie said...

AWESOME!!!! Keep testing and when the lines get darker it will give you peace of mind. :) So happy for you!

just me, dawn said...

congratulations!!! you ARE pregnant :) the lines dont get darker every day but over time they definitely do!

callmemama said...

Wow, congrats! I see the lines, and you are definitely pregnant :).

Eileen said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!