Monday, August 3, 2009

Black magic

Today, 5w5d, at our early ultrasound we were able to see a single gestational sac and the yolk. (I know the photo says B but there is only one.) It is a little low in the uterus and measuring about 5 days behind where it should be. But we were told that as long as it was +/- within 7 days of where it should be, it was fine.

The celebration of today is over shadowed by how impossible our clinic is to deal with. Today the ultrasound tech actually carried on a conversation with another nurse through a crack in the door about another patient while I was, huh hum, being wanded. Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE. But this was only after we waited 48 mins before being seen at all.

We also met with another of the clinic's dr's. I talked to her about the progesterone and bleeding (which has now stopped since my PIO dose was upped). I asked her why isn't it common to test the P2 levels when a patient complains of bleeding. She said it was standard to test it with the first beta. I told her mine wasn't checked with my first beta. She shuffled through my file and said "I can't speak to why it wasn't checked."

As we went to leave, we were instructed to make another ultrasound appointment in a week to hear the heartbeat. Hubby has a crazy schedule. He will be home, next week, only Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. With 8 business days advanced notice, they couldn't schedule us an appointment!! We were told there was no available appointments on Thursday afternoon and that "no doctors would be in office on Friday." WTF!?!?! We ended up having a huge show down with the practice manager and finally got a Thursday afternoon appointment.

It became very clear to me a long long time ago that this clinic sucks. I would never recommend that anyone go there. It amazes me that their numbers are so good. It must be the science of large numbers, see enough patients and they are bound to get a few of them pregnant.


Eileen said...

So sorry you are having such a bad experience with your clinic. *HUGS*

Simple said...

It must be so hard having good news with the worry - sending you lots of cyber hugs!!! Try to stay positive and keep holding on! :)

Katie said...

Yay! I knew it would be a good u/s. It stinks that your clinic is so rotten at things- but pretty soon you'll be done dealing with them and will be moving on to an OB. :)

Katie said...

I am sure I am not more in control than you- I had a major breakdown after the fight with my mom and now I am scared I hurt my baby(ies). Now I'm REALLY trying to keep it in check and put my baby(ies) first.

Katie said...

Three comments in a row... I promise I am not stalking you. :)

Check out my have an award waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up after an extended absence and wanted to congratulate you on the great betas and ultrasound! Good for you for making them check progesterone levels, I can't believe you had to fight so hard to get them to do their jobs.