Monday, August 10, 2009


Hubby and I went to a used bookstore on Saturday. I was feeling brave enough about this pregnancy that I wondered over the family section and picked up two pregnancy books. Who could resist 2 books for $4.50? Week by week. Lots of pictures. Oh how exciting. I should have known.

On Sunday I got up and had a couple pieces of toast for breakfast. I went back to bed to watch some of the Law & Order Marathon. About an hour later, I felt like I was laying in something wet. Tossed back the covers and there was blood every where, on my pajamas, on the sheets, on the bed. I about had a heart attach. I went to the bathroom. The blood continued to flow. I took a 2 min shower. Jumped in the car. Called hubby. Called my dr's office. And headed to the emergency room.

On the phone with hubby all I did was cry.

The dr's office called me back before I could get to the end of the street. I had to pull over at a gas station to talk to the dr, I was crying so hard. He was super nice (the owner of the clinic and the only dr I hadn't met). He was very calm. Asked me a lot of questions. Told me if I wasn't hurting, it would probably be okay. Offered to do an ultrasound first thing Monday morning. I told him I couldn't wait. He told me to go on to the emergency room.

I got to the ER. I was triage quickly and put in an exam room. I bit the head off one dumb nurse who couldn't fathom why I was so upset. Geeze, I'm in an ER. I am early pregnant. And bleeding like crazy. I think I am entitled to a few tears. It was a short wait until the dr showed up. I used the time wisely by alternatively crying & hyperventilating and praying that I wasn't experiencing a miscarriage.

The dr did a quick pelvic exam. I couldn't help but notice that the disposable speculum was covered in dark red blood. A nurse did a blood draw and inserted an IV line, though they didn't put anything in it. The dr was super nice and said that we were all going to think positively until we knew for sure that something was wrong.

I waited about 40 mins and was taken back to the ultra sound room. It was different than going to the fertility clinic. The lady turned the monitor towards herself and told me the dr would be actually giving me the results. She did a two second outer ultrasound exam and about 20 min trans vaginal exam. Seriously the most through exam I had ever had. The lady finally took pity on me and turned the monitor where I could see. A heart beat, the most beautiful flicker I have ever seen. It was such a relief that I started crying. She also told me that the fetus was measuring 5.2 mm, which put it at 6w2d (though the actual date was 6w4d). What a relief that I hadn't lost it on the sheets of my bed.

After I was wheeled back to my exam room in the ER, time slowed down. Where everyone was rushing to see me before, no one came in afterwards. I waited about an hour (much calmer than I was earlier) and finally went to find a phone to call my husband. No cell service in the ER and I knew he was waiting on pins and needles for news too. The nurses at the desk didn't want to let me use their phone but the dr relented when she saw I was prepared to truck out to the lobby in my sock feet, hospital gown, and toga sheet. It would be cruel to make him wait any longer after I had seen the heartbeat and was feeling much calmer.

After I talked to hubby, the dr came back with me to the exam room. She went over all the good stuff from the ultrasound, including the heart rate of 91 bpm--a little low but still good. And then she proceeded to tell me that the ultrasound revealed that I was bleeding from the uterine wall behind where the placenta is attached. She called it retro corein, pronounced core-e-in, I think. (Not spelling that correctly and kicking myself for not making the dr write it down for me. Google is not bringing up anything with my spelling.) She said that I was on the fence for miscarrying. It could be that the blood vessels bled just that once and it won't cause me any more problems. Or it could be that they will bleed again, so much so that they separate the placenta from the uterine wall.

She sent all the findings over to the fertility clinic. I am supposed to keep my appointment for next Thursday and get lots of rest in the mean time. She wrote me a note for four days off from work. I am at home today but once the bleeding stops I will probably go back. No one is sure what causes it to bleed. I was laying in bed when I started bleeding, so no one know if staying in bed will keep it from happening again. I had lots of dark brown blood yesterday after I got home. Even some almost black clumps that were kinda scary. But I didn't hurt at all. Today more brown blood but I think it is almost over.

So the moral of the story, I am not buying anything else pregnancy related. It attracts karma and this pregnancy is too fragile and important to test fate.


Cassandra said...

Oh dear, what a scare! So glad you saw the heartbeat.

I'll tell you the word you're looking for, but you have to promise to stay away from Dr. Google. It's retrochorion. The chorion is the membrane -- from the Greek, and so impossible to spell phonetically.

Take care, and fingers crossed!

jill said...

Oh no! I really hope everything turns out ok. Sending positive thoughts to you! *hug*

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I can't imagine how you must have been feeling and are feeling now. I hate that things still seem to be touch and go for you. You deserve a break from the problems! I STILL have good thoughts that things are all going to work out in the end, though. And I wouldn't type that if it wasn't honestly true! I hope you don't see any more blood for a very, very long time. Keep hanging in there!

Chickenpig said...

Hang in there! These bleeds are not uncommon and don't necessarily mean your pregnancy is doomed. Some women continue to have heavy bleeding episodes throughout pregnancy (scary!!) and still have a healthy child at the end. I've got everything crossed for you and your bean! said...

Keeping you and the little one in my thoughts!! Praying for the both of you. ((HUGS))


niobe said...

Thinking of you. I don't know if you're in the mood for hopeful stories, so, if not, just skip the next paragraph.

At around 6 weeks our surrogate had some extremely heavy bleeding. I was sure it was all over. She rushed to the hospital and, amazingly, they saw the heart beating away. And this weekend our perfectly healthy little boy turned seven months old.

Michele said...

I agree with the first poster; Dr Google is going to give you quite a few negative things to read. Try to stay positive right now. Bedrest can help the placenta reattach.

Sending warm thoughts.

From LFCA...

just me, dawn said...

Wow, I am so sorry that you had such a scary day. I am very happy that you saw the beautiful heartbeat. Try and rest, Thursday will be here soon.

Barefoot said...

So sorry to hear about your big scare. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way that the bleeding stops and that things continue to develop as they should.