Monday, June 29, 2009

Shots, shots, and more shots

On Saturday I started giving myself Bravelle in the morning and the evening along with a single and lower dose of Lupron. The Bravelle doesn't hurt. My feeling about it's many vials and mixing is nicely summed up by another blogger who said something along the lines of "mixing sodium chloride with the two vials of Bravelle and heating it in a dirty spoon over a flame in my den of iniquity." (Sorry don't remember who to cite.) I added a dose to my purse, just in case I am going to be out for an evening. I don't mind.

Each time I inject the Bravelle I think about $90 and ask myself if I had $90 worth of fun while I was doing it. My stomach is starting to have so many needle marks (only one tiny bruise) that I am beginning to worry about having enough real estate (bear in mind I am avoiding a huge belly button to pubic hair scar) to complete the cycle. The packaging of the meds and syringes is filling my trash can. In general, the fun of the shots is wearing off and they are becoming a real drag.

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Katie said...

I feel you on the fun of the shot wearing off and them becoming a real drag... I hardly think I've gotten $250 worth of fun out of each Follistim shot. Did you get a biohazard container for your used needles? I think one of the fun parts of this is looking into the red biohazard container to see the collection of used needles all at once.