Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet 16

Today, morning of 5th day of simulations, Wanda revealed that I have 16 follicles stewing in my ovaries. One on each ovary measuring slightly over 10 whatever the unit of measure is, 5 on the left ovary measuring at 10, and the remainder coming in at under 10. The left ovary has slightly more follicles (9, I believe) than the right (7, I think). Wanda says that the larger ones aren't out pacing their brothers and sisters too much and everything looks good.

The meeting with Wanda started off on the wrong foot when she didn't knock and barged into the exam room. The wrong foot being that my butt was naked, not covered and on the exam table. (Have I mentioned before that I hate my clinic's staff? Another example of why.) She didn't even apologize. Just said something like "I can see you are not ready yet." My reply "No but thanks for knocking before you barge in." Sarcasm has always been my best friend when caught, literally, with my pants down.

On her take two entrance into the exam room, she explained that I shouldn't get my hopes up, a lot of people have no visible follicles at this point. (I thought that rather odd.) She said that she was hoping to see five, that five was a good starting point. I was pleased to see more than five. I have never been a straight A student but I have always been better than average. Glad to see my status continuing.

I also met with Dracula's assistance. She did some rooting around for a vein that reminded me of a horse trying to sniff out sugar cubes but not near so cute. After one bloodless stab she went and fetched Dracula and I was turned over to someone who understood my veins. Dracula drew blood on her first stab--too bad she went for basically the same spot as her pal, it hurt! Note to self: drink 2 bottles of water before the next blood draw, even if I have to get up at 6:00 am to do it.

Will receive additional instrustions and my E2 levels in my voice mailbox this afternoon.


callmemama said...

Whew, that woman sounds awful! Everyone knows the knock before you enter thingy - every doctor's office in the world has that routine down pat. What's her problem, anyway?

Yay for good follies!

Katie said...

Your day 5 news sounds very similar to mine- 16, similar sizes- and the same trouble with vein probing. I have found it has gotten worse the more b/w I get, it is like my veins are silently protesting the every other day blood draws! More needly poking builds up scar tissue in that area, so that isn't helping either of us too. Looking forward to hearing your E2 level- good luck at your next appt. Grow follies, grow!