Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is official. BFF is pregnant. Surprise, surprise two pink lines on a pregnancy test actually do exist.

She was kind and gentle about telling me. We went over the news from my retrieval. We were talking about possible twins for me. I said something about having my hands full. She replied that she would come help me out. I said something about how she would probably have her hands already full by that time. She took it from there and announced that she had received two pink lines on a pregnancy test this evening.

I really really am happy for her.

But I am selfishly concerned about myself. (How small of a person I feel.)

I said all the right words. (I think.) She acknowledged that she knew I was going through a lot and she was concerned for my feelings. I really appreciated that. We talked about her due date, which room she was going to use for a nursery, and whether she wanted a girl or boy.

I'm happy for her. I really really am. Please God let this work for me.


'Murgdan' said...

YOU are not small for feeling that way. I always feel that way.

Good luck.

Courtney said...

You are an incredible friend to your BFF and your feelings are more than valid. I'm praying that you get your BFP soon too!

jill said...

Definitely not alone - I'd feel the same way. I'm hoping this works for you!!

Katie said...

Just focus on the fact that you two will be PG together, power of positive thinking!!!