Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First PIO injection

Hubby successfully gave me my first PIO shot this afternoon. The nurse at the surgery center drew two huge smiley faces on my hips/butt as a target. I left the instructions, meds, and needles on the bathroom counter. I put an ice pack on my hip and told hubby to wake me whenever he was ready. He read the instructions about six times. Researched on the Internet the conversion of cc's to ml's to l's (1cc:1ml:1g, if anyone is wondering). Looked through every single needle to make sure he had the correct ones. And finally woke me up to give me the shot.

I felt a little prick and started to think to myself "why is he dragging this out? Just give me the damn thing." But before I could complete that thought, he announced it was finished. Woohoo, he gets an A+!!! I laid with my butt on the heating pad and went back to sleep. Not a problem at all. Thank goodness.

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Courtney said...

Those are the shots that I'm worried about. I'm glad to know that it wasn't so bad. Yay for your hubby!