Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Retrieval and some damn good drugs

First and most importantly, they retrieved 16 eggs this morning. I was hoping for more (who ever isn't?) but 16 seems to be a pretty respectable number.

Now the story:

Last night I felt horrible. I don't know if it was all in my head but giving my HUGE belly a name, mild OHS, really cranked up the volume on my feelings of bloating and cramps. I couldn't get comfortable. I wasn't hungry. I couldn't use the bathroom for relief. I was just a beached whale on the couch.

Got up early this morning. Hubby did his thing. Why oh why do guys complain? But he wasn't getting any sympathy from me, no matter how small the cup was. I think this was the start of my slippery slope. We got into a HUGE fight on the way to the clinic. Seriously I was hyperventilating and crying. I have never done that in my life. The stress was just too much. Luckily we got to the clinic early enough to lay down our swords in the car.

Arriving at a few mins before 7:30 am we beat the staff there. But the surgery nurse showed up soon after us and called us back. They took hubby's cup back to the lab and led us to a recovery room. Ugly green gown and a warming blanket for me. Had a little trouble removing all my jewelry but surgical lube finally slid off my toe rings. The nurse took one look at my pitiful veins and went and got the anesthesiologist to insert the IV into my left hand. Not a problem, one of my major worries down.

We were told Dr Cupcake always runs a few mins late. Hubby and I chatted. Had plenty of bathroom breaks. Couple of nurses and the anesthesiologistcame by to talk and to us to make sure we knew what was going to happen and sign forms. Finally, finally Dr Cupcake arrived. She came in to see how everyone was doing and to signal the start of the main event.

I was given something via IV before I left the room that made the speed of the bed on the way to the surgery room seem like a roller coaster. My only memories of inside the surgery room are awareness of 4-5 purple scrub clad people, scooting over to the table, and a nurse telling me and picking up one knee to see if jumbo stirrups fit me correctly. She set my leg back on the table and that was it, I was out like a light.

I woke up in a very pleasant drug induced state back in the recovery room. (Hubby says I was gone only about 20 mins.) I remember telling my hubby that I wished that we had brought our dogs so that I could snuggle with them. I told every nurse that checked on me that the drugs were some good stuff and asked for a six pack to go. The IV wore off a bit and I started to feel some cramps. They gave me a Loratab. Had a Sprite. Peed. Embryologist came and talked to us. Afterwards we were free to go.

I came home and slept most of the day on the heating pad. The cramps are pretty much gone now (knock on wood). Hubby left for work at 7:00 pm. I plan on going to work tomorrow. We will receive a fertilization report around noon tomorrow.

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Courtney said...

I'm glad things went well! I can't wait to hear your fertilization report.