Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Didn't see that coming

E2 level from this morning's blood draw is at 6698. I am officially suffering from mild, grade 1, Ovarian Hyperstimulation (E2 level greater than 6000 pmol/L). Right now I am in the wait and see stage. But the nurse (IVF nurse 3) mentioned that Dr Cupcake would talk to me tomorrow about possibly freezing the embryos if the situation got any worse.

I feel okay. Yes lefty and righty are taking turns being crampy. But what is new about that? I am in a pretty stinky mood. But I think that has to do with not being about to move my right arm. Nope, my clothes don't fit. But that too is also not new news.

I am solving one problem while another is being created.

I found someone to do my PIO shots during the week (hubby is off weekends in July). My work's Employee Health Clinic! Yeah! The fertility clinic had to fax over the orders to the clinic. But tada, I have a standing 3:30 appointment from Thursday until the pregnancy test. No cost to me. No worrying about BFF's schedule. No worrying about BFF's hubby seeing my butt nor his schedule (he offered to do them). No worrying if the PIO shots are something that I can do on my own. Problem solved.


just me, dawn said...

let me just say....OHSS sucks....i wouldn't wish it on an enemy, and when you get the BFP it makes it worse. So praying that it all works out for you!

callmemama said...

That's great about the clinic being able to do the shots!
Can they do anything about the OHSS? Or is it a wait and see only? I hope it improves for your sake - for your health and so you can do the transfer.

Katie said...

I hope you got better news today. Thinking about you!