Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A rant, pure in simple

I've had it up to here--drawing imaginary line across forehead. Just a warning this post is going to be one complaint after another, so if you are a "positive mental attitude" kinda person, you're not going to like it and right now I am not interested in looking on the bright side.

Those damn phlebotomist at the clinic insist on drawing blood from the same damn arm, same damn vein, in the same damn spot. It hurts! And this morning it hurt even more than normal, not in a girly get over it kinda way but in a swearing like a truck driver kinda way. The phlebotomist said that the vein was now "blown", whatever that means. I still have an IV and more blood draws to go. Too bad folks, you are going to have to get if from somewhere else!

I hate mega clinic. It feels like a machine and they treat the patients like they were on an assembly line. You know that I haven't seen my dr since March!?!?! My dr is doing the retrieval but a dr that I have never even met is doing the transfer. I rarely get the same phlebotomist. I have met with 3 different IVF nurses (a different one this morning). I bitched about it to IVF nurse this morning and she said that is the way it is done at most big clinics. (Only Wanda is the same person.)

The 2 trigger shots last night were horrible. Actually the first one wasn't so bad, it was the second one that was bad. I hate turning over control to hubby. I am a control freak. There I said it. I admit it. And I still have progesterone in oil shots still to look forward to. Hubby won't be doing all those (he travels a lot for work) and I am still working out the details of who will. Giving them to myself in the thigh is looking more and more attractive. Who cares if I limp the next day!

I'm tired of "making up" time at work. My boss is more than understanding. She doesn't mind. However I work it is fine with her. This morning I just put the time down as sick time rather than working through lunch and working over a half of hour. I am just tired of not being a normal routine employee. Who am I kidding? My mind isn't even here when my body is!

That is it. I am done ranting.


callmemama said...

Mega clinic sounds awful :(. I even hate it at the ob/gyn routine appts when I see the PA instead of the dr., so I can't imagine doing IVF and not getting personal attention from doctors. Or at least getting the same NURSE every time. Geez, what a mess! LOL though at seeing Wanda every time :)

Sorry you're having such a crappy time. Hopefully the PIO shots will go better :)

Cassandra said...

My clinic was a combo of mega and small, because I mostly went to a satellite clinic for monitoring. The times that I went to the main clinic were so impersonal and unpleasant.

Trust me -- you don't want to do the IM shots in your thigh. Whenever I'd do thigh IM I'd limp for literally 3 days, barely able to move at all the first day. Not worth it. Doing it yourself in your own butt seems impossible, but actually is quite doable. I found this video I found on Stirrup Queens quite helpful:

but personally I found it easiest to sit rather than stand. Warming the PIO beforehand and using a heating pad after was also really helpful.

Finally, I had the nurse draw targets with marker for me, which took out a lot of the uncertainty and made me much less nervous than trying to guess the location. You just need to redraw the circles after you shower.

Good luck!

jill said...