Thursday, July 2, 2009

E2 level

My E2 level yesterday, day 5 of stims, was 364. Nurse Through on the voice mail message seemed really pleased with it. She even made the comment "your E2 levels are so nice at 364 that Dr. Cupcake has decided not to make any changes to your medication routine."

But I can't stay off the Internet and I had to get a 2nd opinion from Dr. Google. I found this chart from Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago (here is the link And though it has no specific numbers from 0-1000, I think I fall in the "normal" range.

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Katie said...

GREAT E2! And THANK YOU for the chart, exactly what I needed- and it looks like, according to that, I'm textbook. My HCG will be tomorrow, on day 10. :) Hoping for great E2's for you from here on out.