Friday, July 3, 2009

Short and sweet

Today, day 7 of stims, I still have 16 strong and growing follicles. Lefty ovary is out shining righty ovary with it's 6 superstars, while righty only has 2 superstars. Most of the class is clocking in around the 13 whatever the unit of measure is but one follicle is clocking in at 16. Nurse Through doesn't seem concerned about biggie follicle. She said that the Lupron will keep my body from responding to it but that it will probably not be viable for fertilization. She seemed very positive and upbeat about the results of my follicle ultrasound.

Blood draw not that big of a problem this morning after two bottles of water. (Though the assistant still had to go get the master.) My E2 is clocking in at 1361.

Using a Weegie Board, crystal ball, and a magic wand Nurse Through estimates retrieval for Wednesday, July 8th. Of course that is only an estimation and things might change.

Yesterday I started to experience some cramping from my expanding ovaries. Mostly on my right side. Which doesn't make any sense. Lefty is the superstar with 6 really great follicles. What has righty got to complain about with only 2?

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Katie said...

Looking good! I bet righty is just getting ready to catch up in the race. Righty is betting that Lefty didn't pace itself enough. :)