Monday, July 6, 2009

The home stretch. . .we think

Ultrasound this morning, day 10 of stims, showed 19 really big follicles and 3 follicles less than 10. Go team, go! Lefty ovary has lapped righty with 12 of the superstars. Over the weekend lefty and righty took turns being all crampy. But all is forgiven now that the end is in sight.

After Wanda dismissed me with a "I probably won't see you again until after retrieval" I had some questions for Nurse Through and was instructed to wait in the ultrasound waiting area for her to appear. A girl and a guy came out of one of Wanda's other rooms and sat near me. The guy was holding onto a ultrasound photo. I only caught a glimpse and couldn't tell anything but the way he couldn't take his eyes off it, I am guessing it was confirmation of a pregnancy. I was getting pretty antsy being near such happiness and was thinking about waiting in the hall. The guy turned to the girl and said "it took $4,000 for this." I don't know, maybe he was thinking of the boat he could have had. His tone said "$4,000! That is a lot!" But I couldn't help but grin. I was thinking "$4,000! How cheap!"

I finally got to ask Nurse Through my questions. Hum, they were actually my hubby's questions. He was relived when I relayed that he could do the sample at home and just bring it in on the day of retrieval.

It looks like Ovidrel for trigger tonight. No shots tomorrow. E2 level only again in the morning. And retrieval on Wednesday morning. But I won't know for sure until my E2 levels from this morning are back and I check my voice mail box this afternoon.


Katie said...

Thank you for breathing some sense into me with your comment. 18 to 6 was just a minor shocker.

Good luck with your trigger- how very exciting! Enjoy your shot free days too! 19 sounds fantastic- you are almost there!

jill said...

Still reading along and cheering for you!